mardi 16 juillet 2019

Finland - May 2019

I'm back (again)! Well, kind of, because I won't post as often as before, because my style has changed a lot, because I have a busy life. But I still want to share here some of my pictures and my memories. This blog is my diary in the end. 

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This May my boyfriend and I went to Finland for a week to visit one of our friends. I thought you would have liked to see some pictures of our trip.

But first, let me tell you something: May is not the right period for visiting Finland. Not cold enough to be covered by snow and not warm enough to enjoy bloomed flowers. It's pretty much like the end of March in France, gloomy and cold. This said we really enjoyed our trip because:

- Saunas
- Vegan / Vegetarian food everywhere
- Lakes
- Friends

As Finland is expensive, we decided to take the bus to visit it. We decided to go with Onnibus company, which offers affordable prices to travel from one town to another. Also, their bus is comfortable! Our road map was short, we didn't have much time:
Our road map was short, we didn't have much time :

Helsinki -> Turku -> Tampere -> Helsinki.

The highest escalators I've ever seen were at Helsinki airport!


Turku Cathedral

 Turku Castle / Saint Michael's Church

Turku is very well known for its castle. It's definitely a must do / must see. We spent 3 hours walking around this wonderful place. Also, you can dress as a princess, a lord or a knight to take pictures. Beautiful gowns, vintage shoes, cutleries, jewelry and so on are displayed in many rooms.

We enjoyed visiting Ruissalo, a small island near Turku where you can walk on sandy beaches, visit a nice botanical garden, but also admire colorful gothic style houses by the lake (this is what we liked the most).


Tampere is known as the Finnish Manchester. You can definitely see the industrial past of this town everywhere. We liked walking around the town to admire the buildings.

We had our first sauna in Tampere, and for this experience, we decided to go to the famous Rauhaniemi sauna. Built in 1929, the beach and the buildings retain almost their original appearance. Swimming in the 4°C lake after melting by almost 100°C in the sauna is very enjoyable, I mean, once you go over the first thermal shock!

A must do in Tampere is visiting the pyynikki observatory tower. The view up there is stunning. Also, you can find the best donuts in Finland at the observatory. So tasty! We also liked to walkaround the Pispala district where you can admire colorful cute houses.

Helsinki :

Random pictures of buildings, landcapes, food and happiness!

Some of these pictures have been taken while visiting Suomenlinna, the fortress island in Helsinki (it was windy and cold, but beautiful! The best part was having a beer and admiring the view sat on the rocks), some are from our random walks in town with our friend Iris. And the food you can see is vegan. It was so tasty I gained 2kgs in a week (thanks hummus and falafels) 

I hope I made you travel with me! 
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And see you next time!