☆ Lolita ambassadors ☆

Lolita ambassadors (known as well as kawaii ambassadors) are elected by Misako Aoki, lolita model, Kawaii ambassador for Japan and president of Japan Lolita association. Their role is to spread the lolita fashion all around the world, to introduce this fashion to the general public and to organize lolita events

Les ambassadrice lolita (ou ambassadrices Kawaii) sont choisies par Misako Aoki, mannequin lolita, ambassadrice Kawaii du Japon et présidente de la Japan Lolita association. Leur rôle est de propager la mode lolita à travers le monde, de la faire découvrir au grand public, mais également d'organiser des évènements autour de cette mode lolita. 

Misako Aoki, President of Japan Lolita association and Kawaii ambassador for Japan.

Les ambassadrices Kawaii / The Kawaii ambassadors

☆ Pom Pommandarine ☆
France's Kawaii Ambassador.

• Appointed date : July 6th 2014 • Birthday : December 16th
• Profession : Tires indutrialization in R&D, President of Rouge Dentelle Rose Ruban - Center Pole (French lolita fashion association)

Contact information: 

★ Yumi EG ★
France's Kawaii Ambassador.

• Appointed date : July 6th 2014
• Birthday : October 20th
• Profession : Professor of french literature, fashion redactor for Japon-Mode-Photos, French Lolita Tumblr's Staff, President of Rouge Dentelle Rose Ruban - East Pole
(French lolita fashion association)

Contact information:
• Blog : www.artdunoir.com
• Tumblr : http://poupee-nostalgique.tumblr.com/
• Creations : Sucre & Secret
Facebook profile: Yumi EG



♡ Mila de Blois ♡
France's Kawaii Ambassador.

• Appointed date July 6th 2014
• Birthday: June 17th

• Profession: Student in museology and events and President of French Café (Harajuku and Japanese fashions association)

Contact information:
Facebook profile: Mila de Blois

Daniela Michel  
Mexico's Kawaii Ambassador.

Appointed date April 13th 2013
• Birthday: January 16th
• Profession: Graphic designer
• Founder and administrator of Spanish speaking community My Lolita Stylewww.mylolitastyle.com

Contact information:
Blog: www.danielamichel.com
Tumblr: http://leineblackwings.tumblr.com/
Facebook profile: Daniela Michel


 ♕ Paula Moraga
Chile's Kawaii Ambassador.

Appointed date December 24th 2013
• Birthday : March 30th
• Profession : Fashion Designer

Contact information:

Tumblr: http://paula-moraga.tumblr.com/
Facebook profile: Paula Moraga


★ Nadine Olivier 
Canada's Kawaii Ambassador.
Appointed date August 25th 2013
• Birthday: March 5th
• Profession: PR, event organizer within Ontario for the Southern Ontario Lolitas

Contact information:

Tumblr: http://instagram.com/cupcakeandtea
Instagram: http://instagram.com/cupcakeandtea
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CupcakeAndTea
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CupcakeAndTea
Facebook profile :  Nadine Olivier


Stephanie Christina Medeiros ☆ Cadney
Canada's Kawaii Ambassador

Appointed date: August 25th 2013
Birthday: August 19th
Profession: Language Editor
Moderator of the Southern Ontario Lolita Community

Contact information:
Facebook profile: Stephanie Christina

Daiana Abal - Yue Moon
Argentina's Kawaii Ambassador.

• Appointed date : February 1th 2014
• Birthday : August 26th
• Profession : Student of classical singing
Hotel Lolita 's Events Organiser, My Lolita Style and Lolita Snaps 's Staff

Contact information:

• Blog : http://www.yuemoon.com.ar/
• Tumblr : http://yuemoon.tumblr.com/
• Twitter : https://twitter.com/EpeeLunaire/
• My Indie Lolita Brand : Noblesse Oblige
Facebook profile: Yue Moon

Akemi Matsuda (松田明美)
Brazil's Kawaii Ambassador.

• Appointed date : April 6th 2013
• Birthday : June 29th
• Profession : Japanese-language teacher and culture producer, owner of SweetMimi, organizer of cultural events and official tea party in Brazil


Contact information
• Twitter: @akemimi
• Facebook Official FanPage : Akemi Matsuda - Lolita Fashion

• Facebook Profile : 松田明美 (Akemi Matsuda) 

✿ Ann Nguyen ✿ 
United States American Kawaii Ambassador. 

• Appointed date April 4, 2015
• Birthday: November 25 
• Profession: Cosmetologist 

Contact information: 

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