jeudi 2 octobre 2014

★ Lolita auctions - Key words and links ★

Aujourd'hui j'ai choisi de vous parler des sites d'enchères japonaises sur lesquels vous pourrez (peut-être) trouver la robe de vos rêves à un prix très compétitif. Je parle bien sur de Yahoo Auction et Mbok.

Tout d'abord, si vous souhaitez commander sur un de ces sites, je vous recommande très chaudement de lire le super article de mon acolyte ambassadrice, Yumi EG. Son article est très complet et vous explique comment enchérir sur des sites japonais de façon très claire !  : ❖ TIPS: Order from Japan - Comment commander au Japon ❖ 

Today, I decided to write a paper about Japanese auction websites were you can buy  your dream dress for an affordable price (with chance). Of course, I'm talking about Yahoo Auction and Mbok.

First of all, if you want to try the Japanese auction game, you need to find a shopping service. That's why I highly recommend you to read the truly awesome article written by my acolyte Yumi EG. Her article is very complete and explains very clearly how to bid on these websites. : ❖ TIPS: Order from Japan - Comment commander au Japon ❖

Vous trouverez ci-après des listes de mots que vous pouvez utiliser pour faire vos recherches sur les sites d'enchères et quelques liens vous menant directement sur maques que vous pouvez trouver sur lesdits sites. Ces listes ne sont pas exhaustives mais sont un bon point de départ, alors à vos enchères  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

You can find hereafter some lists of key words that you can use to do your researches on the Japanese auction websites and some links to the brands you could find on them. These lists are not exhaustive but are a good point to start. So, let's bid (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Mots clés pour les marques / Brands key words
Key words Brand
アンジェリックプリティ / Angelic Pretty Angelic Pretty
Baby stars BTSSB
Alice pirates AATP
エミリーテンプル / エミキュ Emily Temple Cute
ピースナウ Peace Now
ハートE Heart E
ナオト h.NAOTO - Naoto
イノセントワールド Innocent World
メアリーマグダレン Mary Magdalene
メタモル Metamorphose
モワティエ Moi meme Moitie – Moitie
プトマヨ Putumayo
メイデン Victorian Maiden


Mots clés pour vêtements / Apparels key words

Key wordsApparel
ワンピース(ミニ)One piece mini (salopette)
ワンピース(ひざ丈)Dress knee lenght (JSK)
マキシ丈ワンピースMaxi-lenght dress
カットソー Cutsew
キャミ/タンクトップTank top
スウェット/パーカーSweater / Parker
ニット/セーター Knit
ジャケット/アウター Jacket / Outwear
コート Coat
その他トップス Other top (some bolero)
スカート Skirt
バッグ Bag
アクセサリー Accessories (headbows, socks, jewelry)
その他 Other (socks, cards, dishes...)


Liens directs / Direct link 
(click on the wanted auction website to be redirected)

You're looking for...Auction website
BTSSB / AATPMbok / Yahoo
AATPMbok / Yahoo
Angelic PrettyMbok / Yahoo
Innocent WorldMbok / Yahoo
Métamorphose temps de filleMbok / Yahoo
Juliette et JustineMbok / Yahoo
Victorian Maiden Mbok / Yahoo
PutumayoMbok / Yahoo
Moi même MoitiéMbok / Yahoo
Mary MagdaleneMbok / Yahoo
Atelier PierrotMbok / Yahoo

10 commentaires:

  1. Thank you very much for writing this entry!
    I especially like the direkt links and the japanese search words ;)

    I have a questions about yahoo auctions:
    There are buttons with airplanes on top of the search results, e.g. when using your direct link for Metamorphose.
    One button says "Oversea customers. Click here to buy from overseas". I clicked on the button and it lists some / all (?) of the search results, but with most parts translated (like navigation bar and article page) and you can click to translate the Japanese description into any language.
    My assumption is that this is a subset of the Japanese results, including only items with international shipping offered by the seller.
    Can you confirm this?

    Have you ever ordered using this button?
    It seems to require an Buyee account or a Tenso account and I assume that it might save the fee for the shipping service...?

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you like it ^w^

      I had a look to this system. Actually this system is a shopping service and it seems it works exaclty as the other ones. Here is the "what is buyee" link :
      The system is the same as celga (for instance) : You bid, you win, they receive your item in their warehouse and then, they'll ship it to you. Their fees looks pretty high "The Buyee Service Fee is 10% of the Item Price (Special Opening Price)" and they only propose UPS or EMS as shipping system.

      Personnaly, I would not go for this system because I like to choose the shipping service (I prefer small packet), and I'd like to recommend you Fromjapan or Celga which are reliable shopping service and are not too expensive ;)

    2. It seems I left a new comment instead of answering to your last comment...

      By the way, is there a reason why Japonicamarket is not in the list of recommended shopping services?
      I used them once after recommondation from my friends and there service was okay.

    3. Haha no problem!

      It is just that I forgot to add it :) I haven't use it yet but my friends told me it was okay too ;)

  2. Thank you for your fast and detailed answer!
    Then, I will not use this build-in shopping service and go for one of your recommondations instead. ;)

    Again, thank you very much! Have a nice weekend!

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