dimanche 9 février 2020

Pretty Kitty Fashion - made in UK dresses

Hi kitties, today I'd like to review some new vintage inspired dresses for you. A few time ago, I've been contacted by Pretty Kitty Fashion. Pretty Kitty Fashion is a vintage inspired company based in U.K. They are retailers for various brands, as collectif clothing or even banned, and also sale their own dresses made in the U.K!

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I'm very excited, because they proposed me to try out some of their dresses to take pictures and to give you my honest opinion about their garments, and of course I said a big YES! Scroll down to discover some of their beautiful dresses and to find a 10% additional discount!!!

❤️ Here are the two beautiful dresses I've selected ❤️

The shipping was quite fast, it took about a week to arrive in France. The dresses were nicely wrap is a beautiful pink paper with a leaflet that features some of their more popular styles.

To select the right size I've followed their size chart and went for a size 12 for both dresses. I'm a 96-73-103 fyi (I definitely need to cut out the cheese and sugar from my diet, but I fail every single time I try! If you have tricks to help me, comment below). For choosing the size and because I like to feel comfortable in the bust area, I select the clothes that fit my bust even if I need to rework my dresses at the waist most of the times. 

Let's move to the worn pictures!


The fit of the navy dress is perfect! Because it's a bit pleated at waist it's very forgivable and I didn't have had to modify the waist. The fabric is thick and even thought it's not lined it doesn't mark the underwear lines. I feel very glamorous wearing this dress and it's already one of my "go to" dress when I have to choose what to wear for going to the office.  

Also, it makes the perfect base for a Genie disneybound! I wore this dress at Disneyland Paris and the Genie recognized me, we even danced together for few minutes! It was sooooo cool, I felt very special!


The red dress is a faux wrap style with beautiful sleeves, stunning, perfect for summer. As the blue one, it's not lined. The fabric feels a bit thinner but heavier at the same time (even in french, I don't know how to explain it correctly)! It's very comfortable and I like how the fabric falls when worn, but at the same time it shows a bit more the underwear lines.

For this dress, I had to rework the waist as it's very very elastic! I think I should have chosen the size 10! Still, it's one of my favorite dress now, and I'll definitely wear it for valentine's day!

I hope you enjoyed this review! If you'd like to treat yourself, Pretty Kitty Fashion sent me a promo code just for you! With the code POM10 you can save 10% on your basket! Isn't it amazing?  

Here are some other dresses I love!

Thank you again Pretty Kitty Fashion

And don't forget, use POM10 at checkout for a 10% discount!

See you soon for a new entry. xoxo

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